We are very dedicated to giving mothers the best for their child.

When do babies start wearing diaper pants?

A baby’s growth is quick. At around 3 months of age, they start to get more active. Amico Pants/Tape are able to help with active babies. These pants are easy to wear, remove & replace. Hence, its suitability for active babies.

What is the difference between the normal diapers & diapers pants?

The difference lies in the omni-directional elastic waistline. It can be put on as soon as it is pulled & removed once torn off. In addition, it creates a more snug feeling for the baby.

Can babies wear Amico Pants/Tape in winter?

Yes, of course!! Amico Pants are very convenient for all weather conditions. Nonetheless, we recommend changing them in a warm to prevent your baby from catching a cold.

Is there a difference in the Amico Pants/Tape for both boys and girls?

It has specially designed layers meant to accommodate both genders. As long as it is the right size, it’s applicable for both gender.s.

Will Amico Pants/Tape cause lumps?

Before production, the fabric & inner core of Amico Pants/Tape have gone through multiple inspections & testings. Amico Pants/Tape met all the criteria before the production process. After the production, they are being inspected thoroughly once more before they are disseminated. Hence, each layer is a gatekeeper preventing lumps from happening. With this it leaves the baby with comfort.

Does Amico Pants/Tape cause rashes?

Amico Pants/Tape are designed with 2-way ventilation. Both inner & outer layers have unobstructed airholes allowing airflow. On top of that, they are able to retain moisture, leaving the baby feeling and staying dry.

Does the Amico Pants/Tape absorb water? What’s the effect of locking water?

Many mothers have coducted experiments with various diaper brands. Amico Pants/Tape can quickly absorb water above 500ml & locks it in firmly. Even when you press hard with a paper towel, no moisture will transfer on the paper towel. With this technology, the baby can sleep peacefully through the night without needing a change & waking up his/her parents.